Oh I do love to be in the countryside!

I didn’t tow a boat, but I sure did walk along many towpaths. And footpaths. And bridleways. And country lanes. I walked through fields, up and down hills, through woods, over bridges and along the river. This book-inspired holiday definitely wasn’t a relaxing, restful one. But with such beautiful countryside waiting to be explored, and the glorious weather we were lucky to have, staying was not an option. Even if the b&b we stayed at was adorable and the full English breakfast every morning made taking naps very tempting. Here are some of my favourite pictures…


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My name is Maria and I'm a Mediterranean girl living in Oxford and London. I'm a physicist and a bookworm, I adore fashion and I'm a keen baker. Get to know me better at http://justabookworm.com/about-me
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12 Responses to Oh I do love to be in the countryside!

  1. Nymeth says:

    Oh, what beautiful pictures! Especially the second to last one.

  2. Ashlynn Ivy says:

    Wow. I want to be frolicking in those fields right this second. So lovely. I’ve never been to England, but it’s next on the list. Thanks for sharing these pictures.

    • bookworm says:

      I know there are myriads of touristy things to do here, but I highly recommend a visit to the English countryside, all you need is your camera and a pair of wellies!

  3. Erin says:

    Ooh, this looks lovely! I’m glad you had a nice excursion. I love the book-inspired holiday idea!

  4. jillian says:

    Sooo amazing! This reminds me a lot of the Secret Garden.

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